Faith Based T-Shirts from Passion Fury

Wow! Check out our full range of faith based t-shirts over here on Passion Fury! As can be seen in the extensive collection shown below, we offer a wide range of Christian tees.

We have a range of designs that range from Christian-parody style, as well as the classic 'Jesus Saves Bro' range, but also general funny tees and more serious ones also.

See the Faith Based T-Shirts Collection:

Here is a selection of Christian Tees from our Passion Fury collection. Note that you can also browse Men's Christian Tshirts and Woman's Christian Tshirts separately, too!



I am a child of God Christian Tee

I am a cild of God faith based tee

This fantastic faith-based tee shows the words "I am a Child of God", set in a circular wreath. This tee is perfect for woman to wear casually - or even to church on Sundays!

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Faith-Based Jesus Saves Bro Shirt

Navy blue Jesus Saves Faith Based t-shirt design

This design featured the famous Christian slogan in a very stylized, vintage text. As you can see, it runs along the chest area of the garment, surrounded by a sort of starburst vintage effect. If you take a look at the product page (by visited the link below), you can zoom in a see the fantastic detail of the tee.

Like many of the designs here on Passion Fury Apparel, thisΒ Faith Based T-Shirt is heavily 'textured', with an urban, grunge-like effect contained in the image. In this case, the navy blue tshirt colour shows through the typography and starburst graphic. It looks great!

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Jesus Saves Bro Tee - Bold 'Box' Design

Jesus Saves Bro Boxed theme tee

This design displayed above shows the slogan in a really obvious and 'in-your-face' manner. It is bold, relevant, very urban-styled and relevant in today's society. As can be seen the typography is placed in a white box that is Heavily-textured with the letters 'knocked-out' of the grunge-like, textured background.

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Jesus Saves Bro Cursive Text Tee in Light Blue

This design comes in four colorsβ€”light blue, pink, black and red. As can be seen in the design below, this T-shirt design shows the typographic slogan in a very stylized way using cursive text and a couple of 'swooshes' above the word 'bro'. Again, this design also has a heavily textured design element to it which gives the overall look a very vintage feel.

Jesus Saves Bro Cursive tee shirt design in light blue

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Jesus Saves Tee (Unisex/Mens)

Black color Jesus Saves T-shirt added to Passion Fury

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Woman's Jesus Saves T-shirt in Pink

Pink Jesus Saves Tee

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Jesus Saves Y'all! Christian Tees

This creative and typographic design yet again using some very stylized cursive text. This time, the shirt states "Jesus Saves Y'all!' (replacing the 'Bro' slogan). This garment is particularly well suited to ladies, as the tee shirt itself is a woman's fit (or cut). As shown in the image below, the design looks great, again with a textured effect applied. Note also, that the design includes a Cross near the letter 'Y'...

Jesus Saves Ya all Womans Christian Tee in violet color

The design above shows the design on a light purple (violet) garment.

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This fantastic, original 'cussing shirt reads "Please don't cuss around me - I'm one of those 'proper Christians' (with a laughing emoji)". Get this Tee at this price while you still can!

The concept behind this shirt is to show a humorous Christian slogan that can be used to engage with people. Many people call themselves 'Christians', but the wearer of this kind of design would want people around to know they are 'the real deal'. The slogan could promote healthy conversation where Jesus is talked about - and the gospel shared.

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If I Can't Bring Jesus I'm Not Going

This fantastic, original T-shirt reads "If I Can't Bring Jesus I'm Not Going".

If I Can't Bring Jesus I'm Not Going IMAGE

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When Life Sucks, Talk to Jesus

When Life Sucks Talk to Jesus tee

"When Life Sucks - Talk to Jesus"! Check out these cool Christian shirts here on Passion Fury! - Unisex short sleeve t-shirt. Because sometimes, Life. Just. Sucks.

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RAPTURED Unisex T-Shirt

RAPTURED Unisex T-Shirt image

This fantastic Christian Tshirt reads "If You Find This Tshirt On The Floor With A Pair Of Jeans & My Shoes, I’ve Been Raptured* (There’s also a slight chance I’m still in bed).

Obviously, this is a humorous design that is intended to engage in conversation you and anyone who laughs at the design, or just asks about it.

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Know Jesus Know

So, you've all seen the infamous Christian tshirt that reads "Know Jesus Know Peace" - or other similar design based upon the same wording.

Well, here is Passion Fury's version of the tee that has much more of a humorous slant to it: Know Jesus, Know Sarcastic Christian Tshirts (with a laughing emoji to match!).

Know Jesus Christian funny tshirt

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Judas... Not a Big Fan - Christian Tshirt

Judas... Not a Big Fan - Christian Tshirt design

This original Christian Tshirt design reads "Judas... Not a Big Fan" with a Luke 22 scripture reference under the main slogan. Luke 22 is all about how Judas betrayed Jesus before His Crucifixion.

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Classic Christian T-shirt

Classic I am a Christian T-shirt with Fish Symbol

This is our take on the classic "I am a Christian T-shirt" style of design. This tee clearly reads "Classic Christian Tshirt" (with a Trade Mark symbol to give it an extremely modern, logo-style look).

This design is bold, clear, and without actually saying the words "I am a...", it cleverly denotes that the design is worn by a believerβ€”a man or woman of the Faith! So, if you like the minimalist style, then this tee is clearly for you, and would make a worthy addition to your Christian apparel collection!

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CHURCH #SELFIE TSHIRT - Church Shirts to Impress! Go on, share your faith by taking a great Selfie in church, and then posting it on social media! What could go wrong ;)

Unisex short sleeve Christian t-shirts are available in many colors.

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I'm a Christian Making Mistakes

I'm a Christian Making Mistakes tee

As Christians, we all make mistakes on a daily basis! Sometimes, we wonder if our non-Christian work colleagues, family members and friends realize that, well... we actually KNOW this ourselves.

The solution? Wear our uniquely-fantastic "I'm a Christian" Tee, which as can be seen is riddled with mistakes. Or is that "nistakes" ;)

Wear this t-shirt to start a conversation, or the help someone find their way to Jesus Christ.

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Jesus is in my Circle of Trust Tee

Jesus is in my Circle of Trust tee

This original Faith-Based T-shirt reads "Jesus is in my Circle of Trust (You? Not so much)". If you've seen the films, you'll know what this means ;)

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A Note About Christianity

If you have read this post and have taken a look at all the garments shown here, it's fair to assume that you are already a Christian. However, if this isn't the case and you are not yet 'Saved', please check out this article (offsite) How can I become a Christian?

Here is a selection of humorous Faith Tees, too...



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