Jesus Saves Bro T-shirts added to Passion Fury

Here is a selection of 'Jesus Saves Bro' Christian Tshirts available here on Passion Fury. There are also some more simpler 'Jesus Saves' (without the 'bro!) available to purchase, too!

Jesus Saves Bro Shirt with Cursive text

If you been surfing online for any number of years, no-doubt that you will have come across a 'Jesus Saves Bro' T-shirt design at some point. There have been many designs created by a variety of designers and Christian T-shirt companies throughout the years. However, here on Passion Fury we have decided to create our own versions of the classic 'Jesus Saves' Christian T-shirt and inject a more modern lookin a variety of styles and colours. Please check out our current selection below...

All of these designs can be viewed and purchased from the Jesus Saves Bro Shirt Collection of this store.

Jesus Saves Bro Shirts for Men - Navy Blue

Navy blue Jesus Saves Bro teshirt for men image

This design featured the famous Christian slogan in a very stylized, vintage text. As you can see, it runs along the chest area of the garment, surrounded by a sort of starburst vintage effect. If you take a look at the product page (by visited the link below), you can zoom in a see the fantastic detail of the tee.

Like many of the designs here on Passion Fury Apparel, the design is heavily 'textured', with an urban, grunge-like effect contained in the image. In this case, the navy blue tshirt colour shows through the typography and starburst graphic. It looks great!

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Light Blue Tee

Light blue Christian teeshirt for men image

Here is the same design, but in a light blue color. This shirt is also available in black and grey, too. Take a look...

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Bold 'Box' Design Tee

Jesus Saves Bro Boxed theme tee

This design displayed above shows the slogan in a really obvious and 'in-your-face' manner. It is bold, relevant, very urban-styled and relevant in today's society. As can be seen the typography is placed in a white box that is Heavily-textured with the letters 'knocked-out' of the grunge-like, textured background.

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The black 'Jesus Saves Bro' version of the tee shirt is shown above, but it is also available in Navy Blue, too.

Jesus Saves Bro Tee - Bold 'Box' Design in Berry/Pink

As can be seen in the berry/pink variety of the garment below, the colour of the T-shirt shows through the texture of the white round the box. This kind of style is rather popular at the moment, and really suits T-shirt designs well. Not only does the textured effect look fantastic on a printed garment, but it also helps the why base printed onto the T-shirt not crack in the future when it is washed.

Pink Berry Jesus Saves Bro Tee image

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If the berry pink colour shown above is not your style, then may be the grey version may suit to instead? This variety is also available to purchase (please check-out the 'view product details' button link above for more details).

Cursive Text Tee in Light Blue

This design comes in four colorslight blue, pink, black and red. As can be seen in the design below, this T-shirt design shows the typographic slogan in a very stylized way using cursive text and a couple of 'swooshes' above the word 'bro'. Again, this design also has a heavily textured design element to it which gives the overall look a very vintage feel.

Jesus Saves Bro Cursive tee shirt design in light blue

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Cursive Text Tee in Pink

The Jesus Tee design looks fantastic in bright pink as well, don't you think? Again, this design may be featured on other colors in the future so please stay up to date by subscribing to the newsletter (see website footer).

Jesus Saves Bro Cursive tee shirt design in berry pink color

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The "Jesus Saves Tshirt" is a new, fantastic Christian-themed design that has been added to the Passion Fury range of apparel.Check out the design below...

Jesus Saves Tee (Unisex/Mens)

Black color Jesus Saves T-shirt added to Passion Fury

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Navy Blue variety of the jesus Tshirt design

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Even though the design above can be printed for both men and women, there is another version of the design with a slightly different cut that is for ladies only. See item details below:

Woman's Jesus Saves Tee in Pink

Pink Jesus Saves Tee

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Woman's Jesus Saves Tee in Grey

View details of grey Jesus Saves design

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More Colors Available

I have shown the ladies versions of the tshirts above in both pink and grey. However, at the time of writing, there are two more colors available as well. Both 'navy' and 'red' varieties are also available, but check out the button links above to see if any more varieties have been added recently.

Jesus Saves Y'all! Christian Tees

This creative and typographic design yet again using some very stylized cursive text. This time, the shirt states "Jesus Saves Y'all!' (replacing the 'Bro' slogan). This garment is particularly well suited to ladies, as the tee shirt itself is a woman's fit (or cut). As shown in the image below, the design looks great, again with a textured effect applied. Note also, that the design includes a Cross near the letter 'Y'...

Jesus Saves Ya all Womans Christian Tee in violet color

The design above shows the design on a light purple (violet) garment.

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Jesus Saves Y'all! Navy Blue Christian Tee Shirt

Jesus Saves Yall Woman Christian Tee shirt in navy blue color

This design shown above is Navy Blue, but Red and Grey varieties are also available.

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A Note About Christianity

If you have read this post and have taken a look at all the garments shown here, it's fair to assume that you are already a Christian. However, if this isn't the case and you are not yet 'Saved', please check out this article (offsite) How can I become a Christian?

Why not check out our range of other Christian T-shirts?

Thanks for viewing out list of the top 10 tees in this list. If you're after a different style of religious tee, then we have an extensive range over here on Passion Fury, too...


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