Coffee and Jesus Shirt. Buy here on Passion Fury!

Wow! Check out this Coffee and Jesus Shirt, available here on Passion Fury Christian Apparel. As can be seen, this design is totally unique, and was designed by store owner & graphic designer, Andrew Kelsall.

Black Version of Coffee and Jesus Shirt Design

The slogan on the t-shirt reads "All I need is Jesus, Coffee & Free Wifi"...


Black Coffee and Jesus tee Shirt image

This Christian Shirt is available in black, navy blue, red and berry (pink).

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Jesus, Coffee & Free Wifi? About the Design...

Well, basically I was sat in front of my iMac one day. I was wanting to design a great Christian shirt that would appeal to a large number of people. Something that they could relate to. Something that maybe you could relate to?

So, as a Christiansomeone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviorthis means you love Jesus, right? Let's face it, though. Not many people would like to share their faith by wearing a basic Christian-based tee that simple stated "I love Jesus". I know I wouldn'tit's just not my style. I love my wife and kids, although I wouldn't wear a tshirt slogan that stated this directly either.

Before I continue, check out the pink/berry version of the tee design...

Pink Version of Coffee and Jesus Tee Shirt


Pink Christian Tshirt that reads - Jesus Coffee and Free Wifi image

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Coffee & Jesus. I Explain Further...

Okay, where was I. Oh yes, so I thought to myself "what do most people love?". Instantly (mind the not-so-obvious pun), coffee sprung to mind. Now, most people love coffee. I know I do (although not nearly as much as Jesus Christ!). Some like strong coffee, and other milky, weak or even.. dare I say it... decaffeinated! Even so, many people do consume it on a daily basis. In fact, 83% of Americans drink it! I'm from England, where many people prefer to drink a good 'ol cuppa tead, although nowadays, coffee is just as popular (although we drink more of the freeze-dried instant variety). Hmmm. That's enough about coffee now.

I'll get to the part of the slogan that mentions 'Wifi' after I show the brown version...

Brown (Coffee!) Jesus Shirt


All I need is Jesus Coffee and Free Wifi Tshirt in Brown Variety

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Jesus & Free Wifi. Here goes...

Well, we now get to the last part of the tee shirt slogan. We've established that we love Jesus. We also like a good mug of coffee. In fact, if I didn't drink some today, I'd be too tired to even write this blog post here on Passion Fury!

I also surmised that the vast majority of us love to have access to Free Wifi! Yes... Simple! Just thinkyou could be in a coffee shop reading the Bible on your phone. You have a nice cup of the black stuff and there is one more thing you need to complete your morningfree wifi. I have no need to ramble. I think you get the message.

In my opinion the brown variety looks best (because obviously coffee it is brown!). However, I assume that many people do not like brown T-shirts so that is why there are other colours available too.

Here is the red variety of the Jesus Tee...

Jesus, Coffee & Free Wifi Tee in Red

Red Christian Tee Showing the Coffee and Jesus slogan

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Here are the product Details

If you like this T-shirt, please take a look at the T-shirt specifications below. The "Jesus, Coffee and Wifi" Tee design is a unisex short sleeve t-shirt (so it will fit both men and women, too).

Here are the main details: This super-soft, baby-knit t-shirt looks great on both men and womenit fits like a well-loved favorite. It's made from 100% cotton, except for heather colors, which contain polyester (however, this particular apparel item is not available in have the colors).

Tshirt Specifics:

• 100% ring-spun cotton (heather colors contain polyester)
• Baby-knit jersey
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Cover stitched and hemmed sleeves
• Side-seamed

Tshirt Print Design Detail

In-case you need a closer look, here is an image of the detail of the typography which makes up the T-shirt slogan "All I need is Jesus coffee and free Wi-Fi". Hours you can see, the stylised and unique font is juxtaposed with various swirls and clearly elements which all contain a sort of mottled, textured inner core.

In fact, the little dots and random little shapes contained within the letters are not in any way a darker print, but see-through 'holes' in the white print which show the T-shirt garment color through. How cool is that?!

Jesus and Coffee shirt Print image

Video: The Design of the Coffee and Jesus Shirt

This is the first blog post on passion fury where I have made a very short video about the T-shirts for you to watch. It's just a simple Instagram video which shows the design in more detail and the variety of colours that's the garment is available in. Watch the Video below...

Hey everyone, this is a quick video showing my new T-shirt design in the various colours! #coffeegeek #coffelove #coffeeadict

A post shared by Passion Fury (@passionfuryapparel) on

More about Passion Fury

We have released a fair-few T-shirt designs and Christian ideas here on passion fury. This design is one of my latest, but I plan to release many more in the coming months. Of course, the designs will be varied and different and totally unique and will not be the same as this particular design.

If you have an avid interest in Christian apparel, why not either bookmark this store or use the links in the footer to subscribe (and even join my mailing list). I plan to offer substantial discounts to email subscribers so please support this site and subscribe for free!

I assume that if you have found this article you are either a Christian or interested in Christianity? If you would like more information on Christianity, please read the off-site article Who is Jesus Christ?

Here are more Christian Shirts in the Store Now...

The collection here en passion of your is growing rapidly. Take a look at a selection of the T-shirts we offer below. If you have any questions, please contact us, thanks?

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